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Our Crew

We have such a special group of people that we get to call our friends and family, and that helped make this wedding happen.

The Bridesmaids:

Claire (aka Cubby) is the best sister and friend Megan could ask for! Megan was in her beautiful wedding in July 2023 and now they have the joy of swapping places. Claire is kind, fun, loving, and always down to grab coffee and chat ☕️
Alana and Megan have been friends since 2nd grade! Alana is the smartest and most dependable gal and has played many roles including roommate, study partner, ski buddy, bible study member, travel buddy, co-maid of honor, and best friend 😊
Megan and Sarah both majored in Industrial Engineering at Cal Poly and loved doing life together. They won the “two peas in a pod” award at the senior year awards ceremony. Sarah is the sweetest and most intentional friend a girl can have! 🤍
Mikayla was Megan's roommate all four years of college, and they had so much fun bonding over a love of music, Jesus, dogs, and more! Mikayla is always up for a fun or spontaneous adventure and is a great friend 🎵
Alissa and Megan were roommates all four years of college, and her sunny personality, big smile, and love for Jesus are always a joy to be around. Alissa is a supportive, accepting, and positive friend who is also always up for an adventure in nature! 🌟
Shannon and Megan met in the college dorms, and Shannon helped Megan meet even more people in college—she is truly a connector and brings life (and shenanigans) to any group she is in! Shannon loves her friends, family, and God well and it shows 👯‍♀️
Megan and Natalie were neighbors in Megan's first apartment complex in Denver! Not only did she bring Callie the cat into Megan's life, but she has been an amazing friend to explore with, bond over books with, host girl nights with, and more 💕
Mikala and Megan were roommates for 2 years in Denver and worked from home together through Covid. Mikala is such a loyal friend, always providing great company, outpacing everyone on hikes, and bringing her cute golden Daisy along for the ride! 🐾

The Groomsmen:

Michael (aka Shorts) is Matt's best friend from birth, and Matt's brother and best man. The Bowers Bros are both Young Life leaders together, support systems for each other, and will both have weddings this year!
Konnor is one of Matt's closest friends from high school who Matt has had many adventures with, and his next one is serving as the co-best man! While Konnor and his wife Natalie live far from Colorado now in North Carolina, they're always very close in Matt's life.
Riley is Matt's longest-time friend, who with Matt shares a love for design, games, music, and so much more (like sushi)! Riley and his partner Kate love hosting board game nights and have been a part of Matt & Megan's relationship for a long time.
Jared met Matt when they became roommates, but both studied design at Cal Poly. However, Jared and Matt have become so close through their incredibly similar passions, design projects, and travel. Jared will have just finished travelling to over 40 countries by wedding day!
Sky has been friends will Matt since freshman year of college, and through design classes and as roommates in college, they've become even closer over the years. Sky is not only so kind and fun to hang out with, but is a very talented musician, and loves writing music!
Tavin and Matt became friends in college, and have done so much together since! Whether it's camping in Yosemite, mixing up drinks at Tavin-Tales, or building up side projects together, Matt has always loved time spent with each other.
Matt met Calvin through the new hire program at work, and also as roommates, but quickly became close friends, ski-buddies, and have even travelled the world with each other! One of Matt's favorite trips of all time was visiting Japan with Calvin, where he actually lived as a kid for a bit!
Will is one of Matt and Megan's friends from their church in Denver and has become very close in his relationship with Matt with their shared passions of technology, games, and God. He has always been so selfless and supportive, and makes a great addition to the wedding party.