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Image of Matthew proposing to Megan on the cliffs of Portugal.

The Tale of Two M's


Our first picture together. We rode the ferry home from San Francisco to Oakland after having dinner in October 2019. After 7 or 8 dates, Megan moved back home to Colorado. But that was just the beginning of the story…


In January 2020, we made plans to go skiing since Matt was in town. After having an awesome day (despite crazy traffic and long lines), we realized we were still interested in each other.


During COVID, Matt had an extended stay at his parent's house. He packed for a two-week vacation at the beginning of March 2020 and stayed for months! During that time, we hung out at each other's parents' houses and started our relationship.


We had lots of unexpected and creative dates during COVID. Here is one where we “camped” in the backyard and played lots of koi koi (a Japanese card game–look it up, it’s great).


In July 2020, Matt decided to move back to Colorado. Here’s us on the ferry again! This time taking one last trip into SF before we packed all of his belongings into a U-Haul and faced our first relationship test–a long road trip.


Spoiler! We survived the test and proceeded to take many more road trips. This was an especially memorable one–a Jeeping trip up the scenic Alpine Loop.


The summer of 2021 was filled with more adventure, including our first trip outside the continental US to the Virgin Islands. This trip was a dream, from relaxing on the beach to snorkeling with sea turtles to enjoying seafood and drinks with friends.


In September 2021, we visited Matt’s parent’s (new) property in Westcliff, CO, for the first time. The Sangre de Cristo Mountains are stunning!


Throughout our relationship, we have been to lots of great concerts. One of our favorites was an intimate Tall Heights backyard concert in the fall of 2021.


Fast forward to Spring 2022–we visited San Luis Obispo for the first time together. It was fun to hit all of our favorite spots (like Scout Coffee) and muse about how many times we had perhaps passed each other without knowing it.


On the same trip, we visited Yosemite National Park, one of Megan’s favorite places ever. It was so special to enjoy the beautiful scenery and hikes together.


We love National Parks! In September 2022, we were able to see the Grand Canyon, along with Petrified Forest and Arches, on an ambitious 4-day road trip with our Slovak friends!


On our trip to Portugal to visit Megan’s family after Christmas, Matt proposed on New Years Eve! He chose to pop the question at Cabo da Roca, the most western part of Portugal, which was reminiscent of Big Sur, California. Since Matt had led her to believe he hadn’t purchased the ring, she was surprised but very excited to say yes.


After Portugal, we traveled around Spain and ate so many tapas! It was an incredible vacation filled with culture, sightseeing, and plenty of good food and wine.


Keeping with the National Parks theme, we had engagement photos taken in Rocky Mountain National Park. This was a fun photoshoot and just a taste of the excitement and joy of our wedding to come!